Prince’s Trust Learn the hard way

Our first job at CHI as Creative Directors. This TV and Cinema spot is part of a multi-media campaign. We launched the spot through LinkedIn. There’s a case study up in the Integrated section of our site if you’d like to see how.


Virgin Money Pigeon

Bank ads generally have nothing original to say, and are full disclaimers and small print. Unfortunately for us Virgin Money are no different. So when it came to coming up with the new campaign, we decided let the heritage of the Virgin brand do the talking, because there’s money and there’s Virgin Money.


Hovis Go on lad

We pitched for a brand that was in serious decline. We won the pitch and Hovis became the best seller. We also won British TV ad of the year and the public later voted it their ad of the decade.


Guinness Paint The Town Black

This was our very first job at Saatchi & Saatchi. We’d literally only been there a week. This ad was only meant to run in Ireland Hong Kong and the Caribbean to advertise Arthur’s Day. However, Diageo liked it so much, they now use it globally to support a range of Guinness events. D&AD liked it too – Cheers!


Hovis Farmer's Lad

Our final job at our old agency was a bit emotional. The public loved it, it trended on twitter and made the nation shed a tear. It went down well with the juries too.


Ambrosia Picnic

It seems that this ad isn’t for everyone. One guy on twitter said it made him want to kill himself. (We hope he didn’t)


NHS Smoke free

To show just how much children want their parents to stop smoking, we thought we’d let them shoot the ad themselves. For the first time, the Department of Health ran out of QuitKits.


Visa Grandad Turismo

This 90-second ad ran on TV and cinemas in every country across Europe. Thankfully, we were ‘out of the office’ when they did the 23 different language titles.